people-01Are YOU investing in your greatest asset?

Finding, training and retaining skilled workers is a challenging issue faced by manufacturers across the country. Employers are becoming increasingly concerned as their most experienced personnel approach retirement, as a sizeable skills gap exists among potential new candidates. Many employers have existing workers who show significant potential, but are unsure how to polish it into something valuable to both the company and the employee. Others may find it more effective to retrain an incumbent worker to fill a vacancy rather than braving the uncertainty of bringing in a fresh candidate. While these situations can be problematic, some can be a matter of business survival!


Since 2012, MD MEP has engaged hundreds of individuals and companies through our diverse training and development programs. We partner with local public and private resources to deliver specialized training, certifications, on the job training, leadership training and other programs that advanced manufacturing needs for today’s high-skilled jobs. Training programs and certifications are available for individuals, as well as for larger groups – and we can even customize training programs to meet your company’s unique learning and development needs. Our areas of expertise include: