Incumbent Worker Reimbursement Program

Maryland, like the United States, is facing a skills gap shortage. Maryland manufacturers often struggle to find and train qualified workers to fill their jobs. Through the EARN Maryland grant, MD MEP is excited to offer training funds to offset the cost of training which will allow your company to invest in the training necessary to compete in today’s economy.

  • Funding is reimbursement-based. MD MEP will reimburse the company at the completion of training.
  • Funding can cover UP TO 50% of training cost
  • MD MEP has a cap of $10K per company (per year)
  • Funds can not be used to pay consultant fees

The application process is set up to be quick and easy. If you are interested in accessing the funding, please email Kerry Wells at with the following information.

  • Name of Company
  • Description of Training
  • Number of Employees to be trained
  • Training Provider
  • Cost of Training
  • Schedule of Training

To apply for funding or learn more about our Incumbent Worker Program, please contact Kerry Wells at