Leadership Development

Are your employees managing their time as efficiently as they could be? Does everyone on your team communicate and collaborate in an effective and courteous manner? Is accountability intrinsic to your company’s culture?

While historically thought of as a management skill, many are realizing that effective leadership is crucial at all levels of a successful organization. Managing time effectively, increasing productivity, and communicating respectfully are as important for a floor worker as they are for their supervisor. They say that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, but enough good ones leading by example can transform an organization at the cultural level – arguably the most difficult aspect to improve.


MD MEP, in partnership with Envision Excellence, provides leadership development training to manufacturers around the State. The Exceptional Leaders Program is a high-impact, comprehensive, six-month leadership mastery program geared toward established and emerging leaders and is ideal for supervisors, managers, project managers, and those with leadership potential. The program meets once a month for a 5-hour session, and is designed to upgrade the management skills of leaders and dramatically increase their effectiveness.

Topics include:

  • Module 1: Time management and productivity
  • Module 2: Leadership coaching skills and performance management
  • Module 3: Engaging and recognizing employees
  • Module 4: Crucial conversations and communication in the workplace
  • Module 5: Effective delegation, holding people accountable and driving consistent results
  • Module 6: Leading at a higher level

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“I’m more organized then before, I’ve been better at interacting with my co-workers and understanding them better”

– Patricia Webb, Hamilton Associates

“I would highly recommend this program. Even if it’s not someone who is managing people, everyone should know how to manage time, react in situations, have conversations with fellow employees and be a better employee overall.”

– Courtney Bartch, Gable Signs