Workforce Development

Manufacturers are facing a significant skills gap as older workers retire and there are fewer younger workers choosing careers in manufacturing. While many employers are seeking turn-key candidates equipped with all of the skills necessary to do the job the moment they walk in the door, this is not always realistic and some are finding that it is easier to just search for candidates with the right aptitude – and oftentimes they are already on the company’s payroll. While the company would have to bear the responsibility for the training required to turn those candidates into productive members of the team, they don’t have to do it alone. Whether establishing a formal apprenticeship program or just looking to train an employee on the extra skills they need to get the job done, MD MEP is here to help.


MD MEP has partnered with industry leaders, community organizations and State and Local governments to bring high-quality and customizable training to Maryland manufacturers. Since 2012, we have engaged hundreds of individuals and companies in our training and development programs with great success. Training and certifications are available for individuals or larger groups, and we can offer personalized courses adapted to meet your company’s specific needs. Through our partnership with DLLR, an offset may also be available to cover some of the training costs for incumbent workers. Our training programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Entry Level “Soft Skills” Training
  • Apprenticeship Development
  • Structured On-the-Job Training
  • Incumbent Worker Training Funds

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