Facility Expansion

Expanding your company’s footprint can be both risky and challenging.

Have you outgrown your existing facility, but are unsure of the next steps? Maybe you know what the next steps are, but the required financing is proving to be elusive and you’re concerned about losing production time as improvements are implemented. Whether you’re looking to acquire additional capacity, move to a new location, or build your first facility, MD MEP is here to help.


MD MEP has the knowledge and experience to help alleviate risks by reviewing your business plans and goals, and working hand in hand with you to help you succeed. Our services include:

Growth Financing
MD MEP can help you with anything from obtaining financial backing to connecting you with local banks and financial institutions to ensure a seamless and adequately funded project. 

Startup Capital
Finding access to funding, connecting you with investors, and helping you to develop an attractive business plan and/or pro-forma statements are just some of the ways in which MD MEP can assist you in finding the money needed to grow your business.

Relocation Services and Site Location Assistance
MD MEP’s relocation services assists companies in making moving as painless as possible. This includes working with state and local officials to help you find the best location for you and your company. In addition, MD MEP can help with the facility layout, engineering design, and equipment specifications related to your move – and we will work to ensure minimal disruptions of your operation during the entire process.

Contact MD MEP today to discuss ways to get the extra space that YOUR company needs