Market and Product Development

Is your company a one-trick pony?

Diversification can help even the most established companies weather any storm. The fundamental diversification methods are to develop new products or to enter new markets with your existing products – both of which can be difficult tasks. The chances are very good that you already have everything you need to develop the next hot product, or to gain market share in a new sector, but the risks are always a concern. Whether you’ve been trapped in a local market and are looking to expand, you want to explore new offerings, or your current products just need to be updated, we can help you to mitigate the risks and find a prosperous path forward.


MD MEP is committed to helping Maryland’s manufacturers find the best opportunities to grow and improve their businesses. This includes helping you find new markets and develop new, sustainable products in order to increase top line growth and profitability. Our tailored services include:

Export Services
In partnership with the Maryland Department of Commerce, MD MEP can help you explore avenues to expand into international markets. This includes strategic development, market and industry research, and assessments for export documentation. In addition, we can help exporters locate financial assistance for marketing via the ExportMD grant program and can connect you with other exporters via the ExporTech program in order to share best practices and lessons learned.

New Product Development
MD MEP can help you create a well-defined, efficient process to develop new products that mitigates risks, makes the best use of your resources, and optimizes work processes and flows. We emphasize speed to market and can help you research new markets and opportunities for your products.

Technology Driven Market Intelligence
Technology-Driven Market Intelligence focuses on leveraging technology to identify the technical viability and marketability of your products. Unlike traditional marketing research, TDMI uses a structured process to identify markets and trends, detail technical and user requirements, analyze options, and explore knowledge gaps.

Tech Scouting
MD MEP employs tech scouting to help companies innovate their manufacturing processes by identifying emerging technologies, bringing those technologies into an organization, and managing the technology effectively and efficiently.

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