Gable Signs – Strategically Transforming the Business Model

Gable Signs began in 1980 as a home-based business and has since established itself as a highly recognized industry leader. The company’s focus is providing and supporting its clients with superior sign products and services that offer dynamic, reliable and often unique, visual communication solutions. Its major product lines are custom interior and exterior signage which are designed and fabricated to suit the needs of each individual project. With a diverse customer base that includes retail, corporate and real estate development companies, GableSigns also serves many clients in the financial, healthcare, foodservice and hospitality industries. Locally, the company is also very active in providing its products and services to commercial and non-profit organizations of all types and sizes.

Gable signs was going through a transformation from a sign manufacturing business into a graphics and visual communications business and as it grows into new markets it is facing challenges of priorities, focus and organizational changes. In its core business area of exterior and interior signage, the company continued to grow and needed to incorporate business and manufacturing process and technology improvements to remain competitive and a leader. Concurrent with the issues of its core business, the company was rapidly expanding into two additional marketplaces and needed clarity and priority of investment, as well as integrating these areas into the overall fabric and culture of the company.

The MD MEP (a NIST MEP affiliate) was engaged to conduct a strategic planning effort with the company leadership. The MD MEP worked with each of the management and executive team members individually and then convened a series of strategic planning efforts to refine the company’s mission and objectives based upon the markets and opportunities it faced. Based upon the agreed upon mission and goals, the MD MEP facilitated a series planning sessions to identify specific strategic initiatives that would be required to accomplish the company’s goals. These initiatives were then broken down into specific projects with project leads, milestones and clear objectives for accountability. Gable Signs and Graphics was provided a clear roadmap of for the future with specific plans and tactics to attain their long term and short term objectives.
Throughout the 150 person company, all members of the executive and management teams have a clear understanding of the company’s objectives, priorities and actions and are on board with the implementation plan for attaining their goals.

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