GrifTek, LLC – Services Launch Manufacturer’s Business

GrifTek, LLC is a small start-up manufacturing business located in Sykesville, MD. The company was founded in 2013 and is focused on providing innovative solutions to the gardening, nursery and landscape industries. Through its patented PowerPost product, GrifTek looks to change the way nurseries and garden centers operate by using its portable agricultural stands to irrigate, provide shading and more.

As a start-up, GrifTek needed guidance in business organization and startup, market research, product design and development, contract manufacturing support and marketing. For assistance, they reached out to Maryland MEP – a NIST MEP affiliate.

Maryland MEP worked with Griftek as part of the Center’s Micro-Business Program designed to provide technical assistance, coaching and guidance to Maryland companies and entrepreneurs with less than 15 employees. Through these efforts, MD MEP has worked with GrifTek to prepare and submit business organization documents and filings enabling the company to begin selling to customers in the agriculture industry. Additionally, the MD MEP team provided guidance and assistance in the design and development of the patent pending PowerPost product including the overall design, patent application, branding and marketing of the product. Moving forward, MD MEP will be working with Griftek to expand sales, develop a strategic marketing plan and eventual scaled manufacturing efforts. These efforts have led to increased sales, new product innovation and eventually new jobs within the State of Maryland.

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