Tenax Corporation – World-Famous Company Gets its House in Order

Established in Italy in 1960, Tenax was one of the first manufacturers to develop the unique process of extruding and forming thermoplastic polymers. Ever since, Tenax has been a rising star through sustained growth and advances in engineering efficiency. The company gained worldwide fame with its first US-produced product-orange safety fence for building and construction sites, quickly spawning imitations all over the world. Tenax’s mastery of manufacturing capabilities now positions the Tenax Group as a true international leader with production facilities, technical services, distribution centers and sales departments in more than 50 countries across five continents. Currently, Tenax Corporation serves the US, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America with specialty products for netting and fencing, pipe protection, construction, agricultural, gardening and DIY applications. In Baltimore, Tenax employs around 65 people at its 155,000 square foot facility.

Tenax Corporation needed to optimize and reorganize its warehouse operations layout and systems to make room for an upcoming plant expansion and the addition of a new product line. The warehouse operations team lacked the technical capacity to design and implement an effective warehouse management solution, and the company called on the Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP), a NIST MEP affiliate, for assistance.

MD MEP met with Tenax leadership to design an effective solution for the warehouse restructuring. After evaluating the possibility of outsourcing the company’s warehouse management needs, MD MEP recommended a warehouse restructure and new warehouse software management system. Engaging a third-party logistics company, Belts Logistics Services, MD MEP provided project management and oversight as Tenax worked to reconfigure its warehouse operations, implement staging areas, and establish a “pick & pack” area to improve the warehouse management system. Tenax invested in better infrastructure systems and engineering design and hired a warehouse manager for the implementation and management of its new warehouse system. The company expects its process and quality improvement efforts to yield higher efficiencies and significant cost savings.

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