Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. – Pollution Prevention Site Assessment

Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. manufactures condiments, sauces, and spreads, and is most famous for their horseradish sauces. Tulkoff is located in Baltimore, MD and employees approximately 72 people.

Tulkoff Foods approached the MDMEP, a NIST MEP affiliate, seeking assistance in identifying opportunities for reducing water use, energy use and solid waste generation. MDMEP proposed that Tulkoff participate in the Maryland Pollution Prevention Assessment Program. The Maryland Pollution Prevention Assessment Program is a collaborative venture among the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the Maryland Manufacturing Extension Program (MDMEP). MDE utilizes funding from EPA’s “Pollution Prevention Incentives for States” (PPIS) program to offset the cost of assessments provided by MDMEP.

The assessment consisted of several steps. The process began with an initial walk through of the facility, followed by several other visits to gather additional data. Then a Value Stream mapping exercise was conducted with representatives from manufacturing, facilities and quality. The resulting opportunities that were identified were quantified where feasible and included in the final recommendations provided to the company.

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