Cheer to Gears


‘Cheers to Gears’ is a series from MD MEP’s Make It In Maryland program that is exclusive to the manufacturing members within the program. The goal of this series is very simple, connect Maryland manufacturers and make manufacturing grow in Maryland. ‘Cheers to Gears’ provides an informal setting for companies to network, make B2B connections and learn from their Maryland counterparts.

‘Cheers to Gears’ events are held multiple times throughout the year and hosted by a Make It In Maryland member at their manufacturing facility.  During these events, attendees will be treated to a introduction from the hosting company, a tour of their facility, followed by a networking hour with food and drinks!

‘Cheers to Gears’ are free events, exclusive to Make It In Maryland member manufacturers only! Not yet a member? No problem, sign up here. It’s free! 

Keeping these events available to our members only provides for a relaxed environment without the added stress of anyone attempting to sell services or programs. This also allows our attendees to build close and personal relationships with other manufacturers that they may be able to benefit from.

Next Event:

Harbor Designs & Manufacturing   |   January 25, 2018